Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We all need a good boost sometimes

I love this cartoon. I adhere to to the premise that every dog is a good dog. (Well, maybe in their own way.) When "Pepper" chases the mailman, he's driving away an intruder. When he freaks out at the trash hauler's or recycler's trucks, he's driving away thieves. When he chases away squirrels or cats--well, who knows what those sneaky things are up to?

The thing is, the object of the threat always leaves, and once again, Pepper has proven to himself that he is a good dog and he has been amply rewarded.

It woud be great if I had some daily rewards like that--little things that would fill me with such satisfaction I would sigh with contentment. I'm obviously lacking the right kind of stimulation.

I try to think what would stimulate that feeling. I love to cook and having guests dive into a meal with gusto and leave smiling with Cool Whip bowls of leftovers, makes me happy. But that's an occasional thing and a lot of work. It would be nice if blogging gave me that kind of reward, but after I post, I keep going back over it to see what errors I made. It can take me hours to publish a post--not rewarding.

What I need are some bedtime affirmation tapes I can play, "You were such a good girl today, everybody likes you and blah, blah, blah." I can't even think of affirmations that would fill the bill. I guess I'm too jaded to appreciate the little joys in life--like feeding four hungry kitties every morning. Shame on me!

(In case you haven't guessed, it's another cold, rainy day.)


Joanna Jenkins said...

Here's hoping for a warm sunny day tomorrow! Hang in there.

Sparrow chic said...

We had sun all day, but I had to sleep through it.
I have days like you said, what perks me up is thinking about my 3 angels. If they can't take me out of the slumps, nothing can.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What? I can see that the cold is getting you down! Wah!

Stop going over and over yer blog posts!!! They are fine and dandy! If any of the Blog Police come sniffing around and talkin' big about any "mistakes," just get yer wooden spoon out and chase 'em back where they came from!

Blogging can be slow going. Give yerself a pat on the back for trying it, doing it, and keepin' on keepin' on.