Monday, June 14, 2010

Resurfacing after an ice cream bender

I'm back after an unusually busy several weeks. This included a lot of family activities and houseguests. Anyway, things are back to normal and I have some peace and quiet.

It has been cloudy or raining every day. All the petunias my little great-granddaughters potted on the patio are constantly soaked and haven't grown an inch. It's like they're holding back waiting for some sun. I don't really mind this weather (which I understand is much like England's) and really prefer it to the usual hot, muggy summer weather we have this time of year.

There have been a lot of ice cream specials at local grocery stores lately. I've been keeping stocked with treats for all my company and (of course) sampled all of them.

Here's my review:
Blue Bunny has sugar-free, low fat ice cream that is waaay better than Edys! I tried both the chocolate and vanilla and will stick to Blue Bunny from now on. Blue Bunny also has a bigger variety of flavors that the kids really like--Birthday Party flavor and Chocolate Fudge Brownie went over big.
Edys has a new flavor of slow-churned ice cream called Lemonade Swirl that was also a hit.
Somebody brought over some Kemps vanilla ice cream and it was really inferior to both Blue Bunny and Edys. I never buy Kemps.

So what are you favorite ice creams?