Monday, June 14, 2010

Resurfacing after an ice cream bender

I'm back after an unusually busy several weeks. This included a lot of family activities and houseguests. Anyway, things are back to normal and I have some peace and quiet.

It has been cloudy or raining every day. All the petunias my little great-granddaughters potted on the patio are constantly soaked and haven't grown an inch. It's like they're holding back waiting for some sun. I don't really mind this weather (which I understand is much like England's) and really prefer it to the usual hot, muggy summer weather we have this time of year.

There have been a lot of ice cream specials at local grocery stores lately. I've been keeping stocked with treats for all my company and (of course) sampled all of them.

Here's my review:
Blue Bunny has sugar-free, low fat ice cream that is waaay better than Edys! I tried both the chocolate and vanilla and will stick to Blue Bunny from now on. Blue Bunny also has a bigger variety of flavors that the kids really like--Birthday Party flavor and Chocolate Fudge Brownie went over big.
Edys has a new flavor of slow-churned ice cream called Lemonade Swirl that was also a hit.
Somebody brought over some Kemps vanilla ice cream and it was really inferior to both Blue Bunny and Edys. I never buy Kemps.

So what are you favorite ice creams?


Sparrow chic said...

The lemonade swirl was awesome !!! Allen loves Cass Clays Swiss Choc ice cream.

Thank You for the time Allen got to spend with you. He loves spending time there so much. Tomorrow he starts behind the wheel. I'll have him call you !

^..^Corgidogmama said...

I'm always looking for a good tasting lower calorie ice cream. You actually found some? Good, I'll take your word for it and go looking in our freezer sections next Wally world trip!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

My husband and son like ice-cream and they swear by Breyer's. They also like those Drumsticks, the mini assortment pack ones.

Teresa Evangeline said...

Love your post title! Drumsticks. Nummy.

Pearl said...

The ice cream of my childhood: Mint with chocolate chips!


p.s. I'd take good strawberry if you had it, too. :-)

Barbara Blundell said...

Would just love to sample Blue Bunny -caramel if they make that !
I bought an ice cream maker last year. Now unfortunately it only works well when I use full cream milk,double cream and eggs so I only use it for a treat. The rum and raisin is good also the tuttifrutti!
Most of the farmers round here have had to diversify for economic reasons and one has turned a barn into an Ice Cream Parlour. Out of this world !! Only for a special,special treat !

Pearl said...


Where are you, Ms. Sparrow?!


Teresa Evangeline said...

Yeah, where are you? Did you run off with the Good Humor guy? Ice cream, and all...

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Ms. Sparrow, I was at Rainbow today and realized that I was looking around for you. And then I realized that I hadn't seen a posting for a while. Looks like I'm not the only one wondering how you're doing! It's great ice cream weather. I've been daydreaming about Bridgeman's butter brickle, which I loved growing up. Now I'll settle for a Kempswich, a drumstick, a DQ Buster Bar, or a Butterfingers Blizzard.