Wednesday, June 3, 2009

GM still striving to make the perfect Impala

I just got a recall notice on my 2000 Chevy Impala--for the fifth time. This time it's for a problem that can cause the engine to start on fire! I'm getting a little upset with GM and since (as of Monday) I am now part owner of the company, I have decided to raise the roof!

DARN IT, GM! I was willing to overlook the door-post-thing and the seat-belt-anchor-thing, but you built this car ten years ago! You only now discovered it can catch on fire?
Worst of all, you have put out a new editions of the Impala every year since 2000. So you were making more and more cars when you hadn't even perfected the 2000 version! Wouldn't it make sense to design a car and after all the recalls were done,
continue to market that car to the world?
Of course, when you decided to stop development of an electric car and instead promote the Hummer and Cadillac Escalade, you really blew it. The dandies who buy those vehicles aren't the people who made GM the powerful company it was for 100 years. It's the folks like me who want safe, reliable and economical cars.
So, please get out there now and make a really good e-car, and perfect it so that I can buy it without worrying about what kinks GM forgot to work out.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I used to say I would "never" drive a car made by the "Axis powers." Hanging onto wars is a habit in my part of the South, LOL...finally got over that and now drive a Honda with never a single moment of trouble (knock on wood)...

I think the new Impalas are very popular?

Sparrow chic said...

My Grand Caravan also has had recalls. I was confused when they 1st started selling the Hummers, even more so when people actually bought them. The number of SUVs on the road also was amazing.
Now it feels like the 70s all over again, small is CHIC, save on the gas mileage. The gas guzzlers should go the way of the cassettes and VCR tapes. Bye Bye !!