Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ms Sparrow does not eat like a bird

This is me in my natural setting--in front of a refrigerator with my mouth full. My nose is red as it seems to be much of the year.

I don't consider myself to be a big eater but I eat too many carbs for my own good. As a result, my housemate and I have made a pact to go on a healthful diet this summer. I really need to lose weight if only to protect my poor aching joints. (I'm still sore from walking around the Wildcat Sanctuary on Saturday.) Sue, my housemate, had bariatric surgery several years ago and lost well over 100 lbs but she has regained much of it back.

We have been going through various books on the subject: The Zone, South Beach Diet, The T-factor Diet, The Alli Diet Plan, The Detox Health-plan and a host of cookbooks for low-fat, low-carb, vegetarian, heart-healthy and/or diabetic recipes. Why does it have to be so darn difficult?

I'm a night-time nosher, big time! I plunk down in front of the TV and get up to prowl the kitchen during every commercial break muttering,"Now, what can I eat?" I do all the wrong things like skipping breakfast.So our plan is to do one diet plan for a while and then switch to another. The Dr Atkins Diet will not be one of them. I'll keep you posted how this is working out.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...


Don't make me come up there, dearie! Yer a lovely woman and we all must eat, and noses get red. Just be glad the red comes and goes. I'm stuck with FRECKLES at age 50 still!!!

Good luck on yer diet. It is difficult, to say the least. But yer motivation -- better health -- is the key. It's something you're doing for yourself, so I bet it will be tolerable this time!

Ms Sparrow said...

Thank you for your encouragement, dear Penniwig. Believe me, I would take freckles over a chronically red nose anytime!

(I'll keep trying to leave comments on your blog.)

Garden State Kate said...

I came over from Olde Dame Penniwig's..best of luck with your new healthy eating plan!!