Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quick little post

I love the candy cane colors of this graphic.

There's not much of anything on TV tonight so we went to a Red Box movie machine at Cub Foods. The movies cost $1 a day and are charged on a credit card. There are three or four Red Boxes in the neighborhood--two at Cub, one outside on the corner at Walgreen's and another a few blocks down at MacDonalds. The movie can be returned at any Red Box so it's really handy.

The Blockbuster in the neighborhood charges over $3 to rent a movie, so I only go there when I'm looking to buy a used movie. However, when buying used movies, we've found that pawn shops are the cheapest place to get them. Pawn shops also offer boxed sets of old TV shows and movies at bargain prices. I recently got a boxed set of Cagney and Lacy shows for a song!

I got a box of four Benji movies but it didn't have the one I really wanted--Benji the Hunted. That's the one where the little dog is lost on an island and takes care of a litter of cougar kittens. I'm still looking for that one. I don't know if my three great-granddaughters will love it as much as I did, but that's OK.

I virtually never buy anything new. I buy my clothes (except undies) at second hand thrift stores like Unique and Savers. I frequent the Dollar Tree store for household items and buy groceries at Mike's Discount Foods, the Tastee Bread Thrift Store and Walmart or Cub.

I don't mean to bore you with my thrifty habits, but maybe my suggestions will help you save a buck now and then.


Kathy said...

Those are wonderful suggestions. I am big on reusing and repurposing things. It's fun and feels good. I buy a lot of my craft things at resale shops as well. I'm not so big on the clothing....I've tried....but never seem to be able to find things when I need them. Irv buys sweatshirts and things there quite often.

My son was always raving about the Red Boxes and then we finally got them here. After the holidays we'll start watching some movies. Winter is LONG and boring here! :)

gayle said...

Great suggestions!!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

My dear lady, I bought an underwire bra at the Dollar Tree for a dollar, and it fits beautifully! Now let's see if it can stand up to the strain...lol...

Thrifty is good!!!