Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bragging up my granddaughter

This is my lovely granddaughter, a very active young woman and mother of my three great-granddaughters. She graciously shares the girls with me and they spend a week here in the Cities with me every summer. It's great fun.

It makes me feel sad and a little guilty that I wasn't able to spend time with her when she was little. I was working my way through college 200 miles away at the time. I was broke and didn't even have a phone for a year. It was during that period that I resorted to using the Food Shelf. I remember getting large blocks of free commodity cheese and jugs of honey. Being so far away, I couldn't babysit her or give her much of anything.

I am so proud of the fine person she grew up to be. She has raised her girls to be polite yet warm, loving and delightful. So, I now buy gifts and spend time with her children, feeling a little wistful over those lost years when I couldn't do the same for her.


Kittie Howard said...

Such a lovely, beautiful story. My eyes misted over. But, Ms Sparrow, you put your heart and soul into doing the best you could. No one could ask any more of a person. Wasn't it Nancy Reagan who said you have to play the cards you're dealt in life?? Your granddaughter is beautiful. Just like her grandmother -- and the future you worked so hard for came true. Thanks for sharing. K.

Sparrow chic said...

You were a wonderful grandmother and are an extra special great grandma. These girls always scream with glee when they know they are going to your house. And, the same was true with their mom. Time spent at grandmas was special and joyful. When you make a special memory, you have nothing to feel bad about.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

We all do the best we can, m'dear. I didn't have the means, the age (we were very close in years), or the brains to make a big deal out of my first nephew and niece, but I was able to really reach out to my 3rd and it made me feel a bit better.

Remember Satchel Paige: "Don't look back, somethin' might be gainin' on you." Onward and upward, dearie!

Barbara Blundell said...

What a beautiful girl and lovely that you can enjoy your great granddaughters.