Monday, April 13, 2009

What's up, Mr. Coffee?

There are a lot of topics on which I will never have an MP3 players, Wii games or quarterbacks.

I am, however, the queen of rhetorical questions. Another occurred to me when we were having coffee with pie after Easter dinner.

HOW COME Mr. Coffee has been making coffee makers since the 70's but still can't make a pot that doesn't dribble?! Wouldn't you think that after nearly fifty years, those fiendish minds who keep making a different shape pot for every coffee maker would have accidentally stumbled onto a really effective spout design?

I have water pitchers that don't dribble, I have Tupperware containers that don't dribble, I even have measuring cups that don't dribble!

There are other brands of coffee makers that make equally bad coffee pots but Mr. Coffee has been around the longest. Maybe it's going to take Ms. or Mrs. Coffee to figure it out!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

They likely have stock in a sponge or dishcloth company, don't ye suspect, Ms. Sparrow? That way, they know that not only will they sell coffeemakers (dribbling ones), but they'll also cash in on the cleanup of said dribbles...truly diabolical...

Bevie said...

Might not be so far-fetched, Olde Dame Penniwig.

My brother was in college (1980s) and his class got a visit from a representative of one of the Japanese electronic companies. During the question and answer period one of the students who had been to Japan asked the question:

"Why do you sell good quality stuff in Japan, but the stuff you sell here in America is highly inferior?"

The man smiled and said,

"Because Americans are not interested in quality any more. They can't even tell the difference."

There's something to be said for that. We've lost our train system, steel works, textile industry, and auto industry, just to name a few. All because we sat on our laurels and stopped improving.