Saturday, April 4, 2009

My drinking problem

Like most people, I am devoted to my creature comforts. It sours my day if I can't start it with a big mug of coffee and the Star Tribune newspaper. After that, I move on to my computer and check my emails and blogs. If I don't do these things, I feel disconnected and isolated.

On those rare occasions when I travel, I always take my pillow with me. I notice many other travelers do this too. I suspect it might be an unconscious throwback to the childhood "blankie".(Think about it--it's soft, warm and cuddly and smells like home.)

And then, there is what my kids call my "drinking problem". I am addicted to lime-flavored sparkling water. My favorite brand is Canada Dry in 16-oz bottles. (Not cans--it tastes wrong.) It's hard to find and I have gone far and wide in my pursuit of this delightful beverage. At one time it was carried by a local grocery store chain and I would buy all they had. It was restocked infrequently so I would often run out before they got a new supply. I begged the store managers (my dealers) to keep the stuff in stock, but they would give me false promises and run out again. I even went so far as to send the distributor a letter pointing out the folly of lost sales due to erratic delivery schedules. I never got any response. As a result, I would drive around to other stores all over the Cities and buy all they had in stock.

Then in a crushing blow, all the stores in that chain stopped carrying my brand. All of them. I checked! I was frantic. I need my water! Is that too much to ask?

I found another grocery store chain that carries it. It's at a higher price and stocked in smaller amounts, so I buy every 6-pack on the shelves. It's always on the bottom shelf and not easy to dig out, but at least it's restocked more frequently. Happily, I am hanging in there for now. The day may come when I'll have to move on to an inferior brand of lime-flavored sparkling water. I'm totally committed to my creature comforts (or is it called being "set in my ways") shudder.
(PS: Lindy's surgery went well and she's scheduled to be released tomorrow.)

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