Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The millionth word

A small notice in the StarTribune today stated, "U.S. company Global Language Monitor estimates that the millionth word will be added to the English language in mid-June".
Add to that the fact a lot of words have multiple meanings and we're talking millions of words!

It is mind-boggling that we have that many words at our disposal and still can't communicate very well with each other.

I depend on my thesaurus to find a word with the right shade of meaning. I often have to settle for another word that doesn't quite express what I mean. It seems we will never have enough words to convey the exact thing we want to say.

It is time we start to work on becoming telepathic! Not so much to exchange facts, but to have empathy for each other. Wouldn't this make for a more compassionate, peaceful world?

Now, who do we go to with this great idea?

Anybody... ?



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Ms. Sparrow, I am working on the telepathy thing.

Do you feel an urge to send me lots of chocolate yet?

Hmmm...guess it's not working...

Back to the drawing board...


Ms Sparrow said...

Penniwig, Do you eat sugar-free chocolate? Everytime I go to Walmart I check out the Russell Stover sugarfree stuff. It satisfies my cravings.
I will work on being more receptive to your telepathic messages however.