Sunday, February 22, 2009

Waffling and wondering

Whoa! I take back what I said about Friday the 13th!

I smugly posted that it made no sense to think there was any cosmic source of luck that could effect us. I even added a nice graphic to emphasize my point.

That's the last time I've been able to use a graphic. For some reason, whenever I try to add a picture now, I get four or five lines of gobbledy gook (that's putz-speak for computer language). On top of that, I also lost the icon for fonts and color at the top of the box. As a result--or in addition--when I use italics or bold, all it does is put EM or STRONG around the word. I think I may have goofed something up when I tried to take out the gap between my header and the text box.

I feel stifled and stupid. Anybody have any REALLY SIMPLE advice? Please?


MaxCity said...

Dear Sparrow:
It sounds as if you are now trying to work in HTML mode. When you compose a post, check the tab at the top of the window in which you are typing, and move to "Compose". If that's not the issue, I'm not sure what to tell you. I may need more information.

Ms Sparrow said...

Thank you, thank you JO! I asked for simple advice and you delivered. I always say, "Life is so difficult for us dumb people". Thank goodness for intelligent friends like you.