Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another good day to hole up

We had more snow last night. It really "prettied the place up" by covering all the dirty, half-melted snow. The new snow softens the edges of objects and also seems to dull sounds adding a peaceful element to the outdoors. It's nice that I can stay inside and enjoy it.

We checked out a few movies at the library and so we can stay in to watch them. We got "W" about Bush and "Frozen River" starring Melissa Leo about a woman helping to smuggle illegal immigrants. Leo used to be on "Homicide-Life on the Streets" and has been nominated for an Oscar for her film role. The Oscars are on tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to watching it.

Gracie sits at the patio door and looks out--after all the months she sat looking in. She doesn't show any desire to go outside. She now wanders around the house and the other three cats are cautiously adjusting to her presence. She purrs with great gusto whenever she is petted. Tweedy sits on the cat tower and sneers at Gracie for purring so readily. True to the International Code of the Cat, Tweedy will purr only under very particular circumstances. Snuffy will purr when I cuddle him but only for a brief time. Sunny (the chunk) parks himself next to my head every morning and purrs earnestly to wake me to feed him. Any additional purring he does during the day is done grudgingly.

Gracie is like a bright, shiny little penny among this group.

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Barbara Blundell said...

Hi there Ms Sparrow
Keep looking for snow but none yet-only want a little-not enough to grind the country to a halt but just enough to build a snowman