Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday is my favorite day of the week

I'm back in business! Ordinary Jo in North Dakota told me what I did wrong.

So, here's a picture of Melissa Leo. She didn't win an Oscar for Frozen River last
night, but it's a good film about a desperate woman who gets into smuggling illegal aliens across the Canadian border. It illustrates how blatantly Native Americans are discriminated against. My heart goes out to the Native peoples for the despicable damage our
ancestors did to them and for the ongoing racism we inflict on them.

If you get a chance, rent Frozen River.

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MaxCity said...

Ms. Sparrow:
So glad I could help you get up and running again! What are friends for?
Thanks for the tip about Frozen River. Many Native Americans live in my community and surrounding areas, and I am frequently aghast at the discrimination that continues to this day. I am also often at a loss over what I can do to make a difference, aside from simply trying to extend my respect and understanding.