Friday, February 13, 2009

A question about Friday the 13th

Graphic courtesy of Olde Dame Penniwig
I don't know why anybody takes this seriously. Think about it--does every single human being have bad luck on this day? If so, what is the source of this bad luck? Is there something lurking in the cosmos that dictates good and bad luck? Assuming that this is the case, how does the Cosmic Luck Genie know what calendar date we puny humans assigned in our geographic area of the planet on this day?

I had the same problem with the Y2K scare. The arbitrary assigning of a date by human beings really has no impact on the universe. Different parts of the world use different calendars and our version doesn't take precedence. In fact, our version has been tinkered with a number of times over the centuries.
So, even though there may be more births and crazy stuff going on during a full moon, Friday the 13th ain't gonna hurt yah!


Linda McGeary said...

Sometimes I pretend to be superstitous, just for a bit of fun.
For the Irish Friday the 13th is supposed to be good luck. But then we are right back to that good luck, bad luck thing.
I think we really make our own luck, if that is what a person wants to call it.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Ooo, I go with all the scary warnings of impending doom! Honey, ye never be on the safe yer broom turned straw side up today, I hope, yer lucky coin in yer pocket, did you turn three times around and look over yer left shoulder and say a protective chant? Luckily, there are all these counter-measures that go up against the bad luck stuff...

Ms Sparrow said...

Sorry, ladies, I didn't mean to sound snarky. Maybe I'm subconsciously trying to ward off bad luck by ridiculing it. And as for superstitions, mine are confined to areas other than the calendar or horoscope. I'll have to make a list sometime.