Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Viva la thrift stores!

There are blogs that I read regularly for their "newsiness", some for inspiration and others are day brighteners. So, I thought to myself, I should write a day brightener! Here goes:

According to various news sources, Thrift Stores and Second-hand Stores are now THE place to shop. While retail stores are suffering poor sales, the thrift stores are booming.

I love thrift stores. They combine all the charm of an antique shop with the savings of a dollar store or close-out sale. Fortunately, there are a number of thrift stores in my "home territory" and I do much of my shopping/browsing in them.

The thrill of finding the right item at a ridiculously low price is the ultimate joy of shopping. I once lucked upon a shoulder high, carpeted cat tower for $15, like new. I later discovered it sold for almost $200. It has been well-loved by many cats since then.

There's also the fun of spotting an old glass or cup that's just like one you had as a kid. Or, maybe an old-fashioned pitcher like your grandma had. Sometimes you find a piece like one you inherited and stored away; you check the price and feel good that it has value.

You may also find a replacement item. It's really rewarding to find a lid to a pot or tupperware bowl that has been long lost. There's a sense that some sort of balance has been restored to your personal universe.

So, get out and shop, folks. May it brighten your day!


Pearl said...

I, too, love a thrift shop. But you know what I love even more?! A garage sale! Other people's stuff, usually for a buck or less.

Summer can't get here soon enough!


Ms Sparrow said...

Ah yes, the thrill of the hunt! The ecstacy of capturing the prize!
Is there anything better?

Daughter Number Three said...

I once found a green glass jar that was just like one my paternal grandmother had used to store water in the "ice box." I love it every time I look at it, and remember my grandma Dorothy.