Saturday, November 28, 2009

On Winter, Wool and being someone's World

I saved this photo off of an email some time ago because it's so sweet and charming. It must have been taken back in the forties since the kids are wearing woolen leggings. The little girl's haircut also looks like that era or even earlier.

I remember wearing leggings to grade school in the winter. They were held up with an elastic garter belt. For some reason, little girls had to wear dresses to school even in Minnesota's bitter weather. (Thankfully, styles became more practical in the fifties.) We wore rubber overshoes instead of nice warm boots so our feet got cold in a hurry.

The worst thing for me was that all the warm clothes--coats, sweaters, mittens and scarves--were made out of wool. I was allergic to wool and broke out in an itchy rash whenever it came in contact with my skin. We are so lucky to have all the warm, non-allergenic winter wear we now have.

The nicest thing about the above picture, however, is the lovely sentiment. Everybody is the world to somebody! That is something to warm your heart on a cold winter day.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a sweet photo and sweeter sentiment. I know they are just animals, but I really get a lot of happiness out of caring for my pets and seeing how much they love me! They really think I am the center of their world!

I can't wear wool,'s the "free lanolin" that gets me...I love the Polartec fleece and other high-tech materials!

I don't even want to think of wearing dresses in your Minnesota weather!!! Brrr!

gayle said...

You are so right about wool and all....

Joanna Jenkins said...

I hear you on cold winters and girls wearing dresses. I was a Freshman in high school before girls were allowed to wear pants-- in cold Ohio winters. Brrrrr.

Love the card and the photo but you're right, it's the sentiment that's so special. Thanks for sharing.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.


Sparrow chic said...

I hate wool too !! And as far as the leggings go, they keep going in and out of style. The rotating world of fashion.

Barbara Blundell said...

Hi Ms Sparrow,
Have you any more lovely daughters ? Alas I was always sent boys but we did adopt a baby girl when she was 6 months old. She is over forty now and has brought much joy ( Also many tears as well- but all worth while ! )

Ms Sparrow said...

Penni, Maybe that's why we get so much from having pets--we are their world!
Re Wool comments: it was hard to clean too, it had to carefully washed in cold water or dry cleaned. I think they have refined the process now so it's easier to handle.
Barbara, I have three daughters and one son but 8 grandkids and three great-granddaughters. That makes for a big Christmas list.

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

I still hate the small of wet wool. We wore dresses all through high school in northern Minnesota. And by high school we became too "cool" to wear slacks or boots, so we'd slog to and fro in little flat dress shoes and nylon stockings in snow up to our ankles. Now you couldn't pay me to do that!