Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daughter Number Three

This is my youngest daughter. She may appear thin and frail but you couldn't be more wrong.
She was a farm wife for many years and milked a herd of cows while raising three boys and dealing with a very "troubled" husband.

She handled her stress by over-eating and gained an enormous amount of weight. When the marriage became intolerable, she finally got a divorce and moved to a small town where she struggled to support her boys.

However, with her great strength and courage, she has worked her way up in her profession. She is a respected member of the community. Her sons are all grown now, she has remarried and they own a home. Along the way, she shed way over one hundred pounds.

So, our family is very proud of her and everything she has accomplished!


Sparrow chic said...

My sister's been an inspiration to me. The pain of a divorce is hard enough, but relocating herself and young boys to start a new life terrify s me. She has come so far. Way to go little sis !!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh my, this daughter really favors you! What a pretty gal, and what a strong-willed woman to boot. I hope all troubles are behind her and that her future has just contentment and joy.