Monday, November 2, 2009

25 Things I'm thankful for

Several fellow bloggers have challenged me to blogging about something I'm thankful for every day until Thanksgiving. At first thought, that seemed like it would easy. But then, I realized it would be hard to avoid being redundant. Plus, it will be really hard not to be boring or schmaltzy.

Well, so be it!

I worked for 17 years for a large insurance company before I retired. The job had it's ups and downs, but the thing I'm most grateful for is all the computer training I received. If I hadn't had the experience and confidence gained from that, I never would have become a blogger.

It's hard to conceive of life without my computer! Each morning I get up, feed the four cats, make coffee, read the newspaper and then sign on to my computer. That's when my day really begins. I check my emails, my Facebook page and then, my blog. I read all the updated blogs and worry a little over those that haven't been updated for a while.

I spend my morning at my computer leaving comments on the delightful blogs I follow and then writing my own blog. If I'm feeling down, I might just post something silly or blow it off altogether. My confidence comes and goes and so does the quality of my posts. But I tell myself there's nothing wrong with being eclectic or eccentric!

Fellow bloggers understand that, and that's why I love them!


Sparrow chic said...

I check your blog everyday. (Except when I'm at your house occupying your time ) But, the age of the computer has changed every ones life in some way. Whats next ?? It does boggle the mind.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Tee hee, I'll join in:

I'm thankful for Ms. Sparrow's blogging!!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

You expressed this so well!
The relationship between person and her computer.
It's like an extension of self, and visiting folks from home. Better yet, if you feel like visiting in jammies and slippers and uncombed hair, so be it. Who cares?
Glad you're in on this!

Kittie Howard said...

Well said, Ms. Sparrow. The computer's part of our lives, and nicely so, I think. Your schedule is somewhat like mine except I had a flu (regular) shot Sat. that threw me for a loop so missed some blogs. Sorry! And, twice now, when my husband's come home there have been two large bucks standing near the samll road that leads to our area. I hope no one hits them!

Ms Sparrow said...

Thanks for the kind remarks, fellow bloggers.

MimiRock said...

I love the idea of posting something to be thankful for every day 'til Thanksgiving. Actually, it is a good journaling idea before you go to sleep, also. And after Thanksgiving! So, see my side comments on my blog

Today I am thankful for the beauty that surrounds our house whether the trees are full and green or leafless and resting to get ready for next spring.