Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A lot of apple thoughts

Minnesota has a bumper crop of apples this year. Apparently the erratic weather was precisely what the apple trees needed to do their optimum best. As a result, there's going to be a lot of apple pies and apple crisp in our future.

(I debated whether that previous sentence should read "There's going to be a lot..." or "There are going to be a lot...". I decided that one could say, "That lot of apples is spoiled", therefore the sentence would be correct.)

But, I digress.

All three of my daughters are great cooks and bakers. When I assembled my family cookbook several years ago, I got a lot of great recipes from them. Many of them are family favorites: apple sauce; apple butter; Waldorf salad; kugel; apple-sweet potato casserole; apple enchiladas; apple bars and caramel apples!

Now, I ask you, how in the world can you lose weight during apple season?

(I guess I should go out to an apple farm and pick some apples!)


Pearl said...

Oh, that reminds me.

Apple crisp. This weekend. Doubling the crisp.



p.s. I don't care if I have to skip dinner to "afford" the dessert!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Sadly, one can lose weight eating apples. I say "sadly" because it means munching an UNADORNED apple. *sigh* But as one of my ex-husbands would say (can't quite remember which scoundrel it was), it's better than eating twigs.

Sparrow chic said...

I adore apples, cooked or raw. My favorite treat is to slice a Honeycrisp and then slice matching helpings of cheese. Healthy snack. You can also warm slightly in the microwave. I usually have Marble Jack cheese.

Daughter Number Three said...

I'm going picking on Sunday. I hear the new SweeTango is really good, but they won't have that where I'm going.