Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday cleanup

My granddaughter Lindy and her family are on their way from Breckenridge to St Paul (about a 4 hour trip). She and her husband raise African Grays for sale. They have a potential customer who lives in my area so they're bringing the little fella to the Cities for "inspection".

It's always a treat to have them visit but it means having to clean house. Now I'm not a total slob but I do have tendancies. That means that when company is coming, I have to get busy and scrub the kitchen floor and clean off the dining room table. (It's currently covered with plastic containers of started tomato plants that can't go outside for a couple weeks yet.)

So, I better "hop to it". Several hours from now the three little girls will come rushing through the door clutching their blankeys and ready for hugs. I gotta bake a cake and, finish cleaning and take a shower. Then both the house and I will be squeaky clean when they arrive.

(ps: Lindy has lost 30 pounds since her bariatric surgery a month ago.)


Sparrow chic said...

It's tag team action, I had them for supper and a sleepover, then french toast for breakfast. They are a joy to have around, and never a dull moment. They are excited about the "bubble bath".

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hope the visit is fun for all! One fun thing about "cleaning for company" is that it stays clean a bit after they are gone and I can enjoy it.

Ms Sparrow said...

Penniwig, If it weren't for occasional company, I'd never do any thorough cleaning! It's more fun to be at the computer. But there is that week afterward when the house has that little afterglow of freshness.
The little girls wanted to go out on the patio and do bubbles but it was too cold and windy. Next time!