Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My 101st post

Sunday's turkey was my 100th post and I didn't even know it. I feel kinda like when the odometer on your car is approaching 100,000 miles and you're determined to see it roll over and you always miss it.

We are finally having some sunny days in the 70's. I think I can finally put out the plants I got for Mother's Day. Late last week there were still frost warnings so I've been holding off. It will be nice to get all the house plants and tomato plants outside.

The lilacs and apple trees are in full bloom and most of the trees are leafed out. We really need rain badly. I'm worried that this will be a really hot, dry summer.

This morning I drove over to Target to get myself some new socks. The weather is finally warming up enough that I can start wearing light-weight socks. This means it's also time to dig out the summer clothes and pack away the winter duds. I love getting out all the seasonal clothes because there are always some things you fall in love with all over again. Since I buy all my clothes at thrift stores, I have a fair number of blouses, shirts and shorts to change over to. And since the summer weather lasts maybe four months, the clothes never wear out. So if I pick up a few things every year, it soon adds up.

Did I mention I hate summer? I absolutely loathe hot weather and I feel sick when I go outside in it. Even though I can dress for summer now, I'm still not going to like it!


Sparrow chic said...

Hot flashes prevented me from packing the summer clothes. So, what will I do this summer?
Like my mom, I to hate the summer heat. Love being outside though. Please, take away the bugs !!!!!

Bevie said...

Hate summer? Wow! We're opposites. Even though I'm fat now, and cannot suffer the heat at all, I will still take summer over winter anytime. Over spring and fall, too.

I wear the same sets of clothes all year round. All my clothes get washed every week and become quite threadbare in no time, so every year I have to replace them.