Friday, May 29, 2009

In a perfect world, I would have been...

Once in a while, you hear people say that they love their job so much they can't believe they're getting paid to do it.

I spent my life doing a wide assortment of jobs: working in factory boning chicken for Campbell's Noodle Soup, working in a freight company office, hospital business office, and in an insurance company (interspersed by about 20 others over the years.) None of these were what you would call a "perfect fit" for me. Looking back and taking all of my interests into account, I've finally realized that in a perfect world, I would have been a world traveler and producer of wildlife documentaries.

I might have sat on a Rwandan mountainside with Dian Fossey and watched gorillas. I could have trekked through the jungles of Gombe with Jane Goodall to observe the chimpanzees. I would have gone on National Geographic Expeditions to exotic places to do award-winning films about thought-to-be-extinct animals.

Of course, this would assume that I was strong and athletic, that I had photographic/cinematic skills and that I had no family obligations. Oh well, it would have been great fun. So, tell me, what's version?



Sparrow chic said...

I have pondered on this. And I can think of many things that fit the bill, but, the #1 thing I keep going back to is being a gourmet chocolate tester. Traveling the world to different countries tasting chocolate. YUM !!!!!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

My dear lady, is it too late to achieve a VERSION of your dream? Perhaps a trip to Africa with a group involved in wildlife preservation? Or a college course in documentary-making, or trying your hand at a little sketch-book about wildlife or gorillas? I have had to greatly reduce/rework my dreams, too, but am getting some happiness out of trying for these "altered dreams."

Bevie said...

Would have played baseball in warm weather and wrote stories over the winter.

Now I blog. But I don't get paid for it. Pity. It's the one thing I can still do.

Barbara Blundell said...

I would have loved to spend all day being creative cooking,sewing, spinning ,knitting anything like that