Saturday, May 23, 2009

No golf for me!

It's a holiday weekend. Like almost everybody else, I'm staying home and not doing much of anything. I much prefer this to being out in the sun--like on a golf course, for instance.

Most of my life I had illusions that if I ever learned how to play golf, I would be very good at it. I wasn't particularly interested in golf (it looked really boring) but it seemed to be a sport I could handle since there was no running, jumping or actual physical exertion.

With that in mind, I signed up to take a golf class back in the 80's. The first day we all got a booklet with the rules of the game. As we went through them, I was flabbergasted at some of the rules. They seemed so ridiculous I wondered how anyone could take some of them seriously.(For instance, if the ball lands in a spot where you can't play it, you pick it up, turn around and drop it over your shoulder.)

By the time we got on the golf course and learned the tortuous way to hold the club, the awkward stance and the contortionists body movements, I was rolling my eyes. What was the fun of all this? How could anybody enjoy it?

I'll admit it--I'm a quitter. I dropped out of the class and never looked back. My half-hearted dream of being a golfer was done forever.

It's just as well; now I don't have to find an excuse not to go golfing in the hot sun.


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh, I agree, golf is a big bunch of nothin'!!! I am NOT going to pay to chase a ball around in the hot sun, and if the sun doesn't get you, an errant golf ball will!!!

Barbara Blundell said...

Can't see any point in it either ! My husband was addicted and would disappear for a whole day. I even had to play Pitch and Put to keep him happy when we went to the seaside on holiday

Sparrow chic said...

I played a round of golf with a former boyfriend years ago. Never played again. Very boring and I can think of others things to do on a hot summer day, like see a great movie in an air conditioned theatre.

Anonymous said...

Mark Twain said that golf ruins a good walk.