Monday, August 17, 2009

About things left undone

A friend and I went to see the film Julie and Julia yesterday. We both enjoyed it very much. In the movie, Julie is a young woman who decides to blog about her efforts to cook every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking in a single year (2002). Her blogging eventually causes friction with her husband who accuses her of being self-centered because of the time she devotes to it.

This made me stop and ponder the self-absorption of blogging. (Such as: whatever made me think that I was interesting enough to blog about my life?) I spend much of my morning working on my blog to the exclusion of other projects.

For instance: my ticket decoupage. I've been collecting tickets to concerts, plays, movies etc. for forty-some years and still haven't done anything with them. But then I think, if I make it, what do I do with it? Plus, there is the perpetual, nagging fear that I will not be happy with it when it's done. And, how about tickets to things I haven't done yet--they would never be included!
(And does anybody decoupage anymore?)

I recently celebrated a birthday and noticed that the August personality type (shown right) says that we tend to overthink
situations. That is soooo right! I'm not balanced or full of grace
(whatever that means) but I sure do overthink things--to the
point of inertia. And then I wind up angry at myself for being such a putz.

And here I am posting yet another self-centered blog--I can't stand it!!!!!


MimiRock said...

I saw Julie & Julia yesterday and enjoyed it. I liked the way the two stories and the photography were interspersed. As far as blogs being self-centered, of course they are and I enjoy reading them to get a glimpse into someone else's life--a little voyeuristic I guess. I see them as a way of expressing ourselves like people who draw or paint, just a different medium.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Well, the Nobel Laureate Octavio Paz says - slightly paraphrasing here - "You are the protagonist of your own life," and so it is. Of course a person is self-concerned; what else can they authentically be? I say self-CONCERNED, and it is different than self-CENTERED.

For your ticket decoupage idea, take your hesitation to mean something positive. SOMETHING is stopping you from doing the project! Maybe it isn't the right project! Maybe you want to do a series of shadowboxes with tickets that can be pinned and removed, or maybe you want to make a long ribbonboard and tuck them behind the ribbons, adding and moving as you wish...who knows?

Ms Sparrow said...

Thank you, sweet ladies, for the kind words. The only thing I can claim to be an expert on is me but occasionally something pulls me up short and makes me re-analyze what I think about myself. Then I have to readjust and figure out what to do about it.

Thanks for the crafting tips, Penniwig!