Friday, July 10, 2009

How do I crop a picture?

I would like to crop this pcture a little on either side because it's too busy. I have it stored in "My Pictures" and can't figure out how to do anything with it. Any advice kind people?

The girls went back to their home today and I now have my 15- year-old grandson staying with me. The two of us are going to Madison WI on Monday to see my sister, her daughter and family and her son and family. One of my absolute-must-see stops in Madison is Ella's Deli. I love that place! They also have a good zoo and The Original Pancake House-yummm.


Sparrow chic said...

Well that answers my unasked question. When are you leaving.
Hope you have fun. The boy loves to travel.

MimiRock said...

I use a Mac and it has iPhoto installed on it which allows you to edit a picture. Windows programs should also have a photo editing software program (like PhotoShop). I'm guessing that you could click on the photo in your Pictures file, drag and drop it into the photo editing program, and then edit/crop it. Then you can upload it into your Blog. Another possibility is that perhaps your digital camera's software (which allows you to import your photos from the camera to the computer)has an editing program. When you open it, go to "Help" and see if they cover "How To Crop..." Let me know how this works out for you.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo dearie. There are 2 ways to crop a picture:

Either use a graphics-editing program, such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop (very expensive) or one of the free ones that you download,


upload the photo to a free service such as Photobucket or (or possibly even Picasa, which you are likely using now via yr Blogger account (it automatically stores yr photos there) and crop it there using their online tools.

You can also do a Google search for "crop photo online free" and try that to find more places! Be sure you have a good firewall and virus-getter running, though.

Ms Sparrow said...

Thank you for the advice. I never would have known that was the way to do it. I am a computer putz of the highest order so it will take me some time to figure it out but I will persist!

Barbara Blundell said...

I saved your photo and cropped it in a photo edit programmme but I see everyone else has suggested that you do this ! Goog luck with it . It's all good fun

Lyn said...

Grandma when I come down in Aug I'll put something on your computer that you can use to crop pictures. In the meantime, I would suggest going to and uploading the photos there, once they are uploaded on that site, you can crop and do all sorts of things with it. If you need help, just give me a call.