Monday, July 27, 2009

Gracie takes a hike

Some of you may remember that back in February we took in a stray cat and named her Gracie. She had not been out of our house since that time (except for a trip to the vet), and really didn't seem to want to go out.

Gracie remained very shy. The week that my three great granddaughters were here she spent her days hiding under a bed. Then my grandson came for two weeks and she was slowing adapting to him. One day, the boy decided to take each of the four cats out onto the patio for some outdoor time. He set Gracie down and she took off into the wooded lot next door. We haven't seen her since.

I would be concerned for her but she obviously has the skills to survive outside. I like to think she may have returned to a former home or found a home more to her liking. I am comforted by the fact that she left here a healthy, well-fed cat with a beautiful coat.

She obviously didn't bond to us, our three other cats or our home. I prefer to think that she simply didn't like us rather than believe she is starving, terrified and alone. But, of course, she found us once and may well find us again when the weather turns cold and the wind starts to blow.

I will keep watching for her every day.


Sparrow chic said...

Lives, both animals and human, pass through our lives and leave a mark. Some hang around for awhile others leave quickly. When they leave an imprint on your heart, thats God talking to us.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I have been in cat rescue for over 30 years now, and my guess is that she is watching you, is within calling distance, and could be coaxed back. I have had luck with sitting quietly and then calling their names, sitting more, calling, etc. I think she is a feral cat and they do not show their bond as normal cats do. You did what you could for her. I would say make sure you have a bowl of water out for her, but it may be she does not return, and not because of any dislike of you, but because of her wild nature.

Ms Sparrow said...

We keep a pan of water on the patio all the time. We get occasional bunnies and squirrels which always gives the kitties a thrill.