Sunday, July 12, 2009

Been there, done that

Oh yeah!

I like to think I'm above such violent egotistical displays, but that's exactly how I felt when AARP started sending me stuff at the tender age of 50.

Then, the day after my 55th birthday, I happened to be in Michael's Craft Store and a huge sign suspended over the cast registers announced, "If you're over 55, ask for our senior discount". It made me puddle up.
And, I must admit that I didn't take it well when my first grandchild was born when I was 42. I did not want to be called Grandma W (she was my elderly mother-in-law in a nursing home).

Sometime after I retired at age 65, I finally began to adjust to what I perceived to be other people's distorted perception of my "stage of development". I felt like I was still vital and intellectually "with it". But then, I started doing embarrassing things, like dropping really dated expressions into my vocabulary. That is soooo not cool!

There are tons of expressions that are virtually meaningless to my grandkids, like:

Filling station or Dollar's worth of gas
Penny postcard
Jar of Mum Deodorant
Bushel basket
Duz does everything
Lug of peaches
Pitcher of nectar
Cellophane package
Till the cows come home
Fibber McGee's closet

I could go on and on showing off the stash of nostalgic stuff stuck in my brain, but it's not a good way to impress anybody younger than me. I hope it gave you a laugh.


Sparrow chic said...

I recognize some of them. Lug of peaches is still fairly current since the grocery stores advertise them in lugs at canning time.
I do identify with the cartoon, however, I got my AARP card at 50 and get the deals that come with it. A deals a deal !!!

MimiRock said...

You might be interested in my new blog
My goal is to become aware of the humor in aging and having the blog focus on that gives my serious old brain something to be alert to.

Barbara Blundell said...

And such words as liniment,lobby,parlour,stove,pipes and railway station ! Very old hat !

Pearl said...

A little dab'll do ya!