Friday, March 13, 2009

Right place, right time

This morning Gracie, the adopted kitty, was lying in the cat bed that sits by the window overlooking the wooded lot next door. She's fond of watching the squirrels and birds that hang out there. All of a sudden a Pileated Woodpecker swooped in and landed on a tree only 20 feet from the window. We were both excited to see it.

The big, showy bird didn't stay long, but I'm so glad I happened to be looking at just the right moment. So many things in life depend on where you happen to be at any given time.

I sometimes think of that when going on a trip. I wonder if I'm leaving a minute too soon or too late to avoid an accident, or is it the precise time for me to wind up at the exact location where the accident would occur? But, if I missed being in the accident, how would I ever know? Indeed--why would I want or need to know that yesterday, perhaps, I'd have been T-boned by a truck if I had warmed up the car for ten seconds more?

You can tell that I "live on the edge". I wonder if all overweight people have this fatalistic bent. Since I've been fat all my life, I have lived with a constant barrage of health information that I am going to be unhealthy and die at an early age. Not only that, but I deserve to die at an early age!

In the meantime, Gracie is crawling around on my desk exploring all the doodads. She is a breath of fresh air in this long, long winter. I'm so glad she's here.

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Bevie said...

"I deserve to die at an early age!"

Isn't that the truth? People will show more pity for a person who destroyed their life via alcohol then for an overweight person.

Overweight people are derided into losing weight. Drug addicts are encourged to get better.