Friday, March 20, 2009

Memories of donuts

One of my favorite online humor sites is They post pictures of signs and T-shirts etc. that have been badly translated from Asian languages to English. Some are incomprehensible but all are really funny.

This reminds me of several signs that used to make us laugh in Savage MN when my mother was living there. A local doughnut shop had mounted a large sign across their building that read, "Have you had your dougnut? (sic) Today!" Across the street was a non-descript little building that had a sign identifying the place as "Savage Barbers".
There used to be donut places all over the state. There was Mr. Donut, Duncan Donuts, Winchell Donuts and Donut Huts--not to mention every grocery store, hometown bakery and convenience store sold donuts. Those were the days when everyone was happy to eat lard (see previous post of March 11th) because it made really good donuts.
Several years ago, after all the other donut chains had gone out of business, Krispy Kreme made a foray into the Twin Cities. They built a new building out in trendy Maple Grove to a great deal of fanfare. Their huge grand opening caused traffic jams as everyone scrambled to be the first to bring a box of Krispy Kremes into the office. But the enthusiasm didn't last long. Soon Krispy Kreme was selling their donuts at Target Stores, Cub Foods and gas stations. After a while, they too went out of business.
There are any number of bagel shops replacing the defunct donut shops, and heaven knows, the bagels are much better for you. But I still have fond memories of Mr. Donut angel-creme filled donuts. (Sigh)

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Bevie said...

I'm with you, M.S. Donuts make a much better snack than bagels. (Not that I turn down a good bagel when one is offered.) Snacks are about taste, not health. What's the point of living if everything in your life is a rule to keep you miserable?

Donuts are good food - if you like donuts. And I do. Old Fashioned were my favorite. They weighed like six pounds apiece. Glazed were my second favorite. Ummm. And back then the Old Fashioned were a quarter, and the glazed were thirty-five cents. If my memory serves me right.

I remember Mr. Donut (that was the one I frequented most), Duncan Donuts, and Winchell Donuts (my favorite, but not so ease to find on the north side), But I don't recall the Donut Huts. Were they only on the south side of the Cities, or were they all over and I just forgot?

P.S. I sent a copy of the lard picture to my sister, who is now forwarding it to her friends. I printed a copy, and every time I look at it I laugh. It's a great day brightener. Thanks for posting it.