Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Viking Grandma

Whoa! I'm a week behind in my blogging! I am such a sluggard. Well, actually, more like crazy- busy getting ready for the Holidays.

As I mentioned previously, we are cheaping out this Christmas. Despite that, I bought a new 2009 calendar for everyone on my Christmas list, something I've been doing for many years. (I love calendar art--I save all my old calendars and can't pass a store display without checking them all out.)

The Clan agreed that when we get together for Christmas, we'll each bring a $10.00 wrapped gift and play Bingo for the prizes. And, did I mention we're having meatballs instead of ham? This will not affect the amount of cookies and goodies, however. There is always an excess of pie, candy, munchies, cake and what-have-you.

We also have a little program at our Holiday get-together. The kids will play songs, sing, read or do something goofy. I insist on inflicting a Norwegian Christmas Carol on them every year in return. All my grandchildren have Norwegian genes from both sides of the family. So, I have taken it upon myself to make sure they have at least that much heritage thrust upon them.

The carol is mercifully brief and is called, "Jeg er saa glaa hver Julekveld". This translates to, "We are so glad this Christmas Eve". My eight grandkids and three great-grandaughters are going to grow up with that little bit of Norway in their heads in spite of themselves!

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