Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's snow joke

It's snowing again! It has been snowing every day and I'm sick of it, do you hear? Sick of it!

I live in a condo and my garage is third in a line of four garages. These are tiny little garages barely big enough for my 9-year-old Impala. As a result, I've been in the habit of leaving the car in front of the garage at all times.

The problem is that when it snows, the car has to be moved in order for the driveway to be plowed. So, I have to squeeze it inside beside the lawn chairs and assorted junk. I got another nice-sized dent in the fender backing it out of the garage recently. How much more can my poor car take?

I'm not sure which of my favorite sayings best applies here:

"The harder it is to do something, the more often you have to do it."
"Life is sure tough for us dumb people."
"If you already have dents in your car, another one won't matter."
"Old age ain't for sissies!"

Well, anyway, it sure looks a lot like Christmas everywhere you go.

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