Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Meat For You!

I talked to my daughter, Paula in Sauk Centre last night (she actually lives on the Main Street of Sinclair Lewis fame). We were discussing the menu for our family Christmas dinner. I told her that we were planning on Swedish Meatballs and gravy, adding that my local daughter, Brenda was bringing "meatless meatballs".

I was surprised when Paula announced, "That's what I'll be having." Yet another of my kin has converted to Vegetarianism! My son, Mark, has been avoiding meat for many years. My sister, Karen, no longer eats any meat, as well as her daughter, Julie and family. Brenda has stopped eating meat since her bout with breast cancer 5 years ago. And, now Paula has joined their ranks.

What's the matter with me!? I am totally sympathetic to the ideal of not eating animals. A friend from one of my writer's groups is an avid activist against the inhumane treatment of farm animals. Indeed, I stopped eating pork for some months after she read a piece on the suffering of a dying sow at the stockyards in St Paul.

But then, a little bit of bacon slipped back into my diet, and then a pork sausage and before you know it, I was eating ham and pork chops again!

And, much as I try to fight it, I still crave a burger now and then.

Save the beasts of the farm and field! Now, there is another New Year's resolution that I have to contemplate.

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Pearl said...

It's catching, isn't it? A number of the pesky li'l buggers in my family as well!