Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Good bye, Renaissance Fair

I really love the local Renaissance Fair held every fall outside of the Twin Cities. I wish I could go again this year because it's iffy whether there will be one next year. It turns out that the tract of useless, un-arable land that has been home to the fair for many decades is now valuable real estate--for fracking!

As a result, the Renaissance village with all its structures will be torn down. It's not known where or if it might be held next year.

It was great fun to go out for the stage shows, jousting, scotch eggs and shenanigans.
There were so many specialty shops, foods and sights to bring out the crowds every weekend.

But, the frackers are lusting over what lies beneath the festivities.

Here's a family portrait from 1982. My mom and dad are in front. In back are my sister with her son and me (the chubby one) with my son. We had some good times there.


Bob said...

I've only ever been to one, but it was in the hills and meadows outside San Francisco way back in the day and was a lot of fun.

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

A good friend is part of the regular cast of RenFest characters. He says that despite rumors to the contrary, there will be ONE more festival at the current site. He is confident that it will continue after that, but doesn't know where.

And P.S., I hate the whole idea of fracking, too.

Linda Starr said...

pooo on the frackers; anytime you start messing with mother earth; it's going to mess you back

Susan said...

We certainly attended a few of these when we lived in California. Such fun, XOXO

Bob Bushell said...

Ah, those were the days my friend. [Mary Hopkins]

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a shame, they'll try to frack anywhere these days

Moving with Mitchell said...

I have never ever been to a Renaissance Fair. You've made it look interesting!

And, I need to say there were other ways to identify yourself in that final photo.

FIRST descriptors that came to MY mind were "the blonde," "the beautiful one," "the one in red and gold," "the one with the long off-white veil."

Meggie said...

I've also been to my fair share of Renaissance Fairs, as we have one every year, located about a two hour drive from where I live. They are always great fun and I eat too much !!