Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm melting! I'm melting!

It's pushing 100 degrees again today--like every day for the past week. I have all the drapes closed to keep the sun out but it's a struggle to keep it comfortable, even with fans and the A/C running.

I chopped up an apple and a few other goodies and took a pan of water to set in the shade on the retaining wall by the wooded lot. When I popped open the side door, the mama turkey was only ten feet away. She was panting mightily and all of her poults were too. She promptly led them away from me over to the pine trees. I wanted to call her back, "I've got cool water and food!" But of course, they moved on.

I feel so sad to see all the birds and animal suffering in this heat. I feel so helpless to do anything about it. I just hope she brings them back tonight

I hate to leave on that note, so here's a beautiful, cool juicy carved watermelon to feast your eyes on!


Joanne Noragon said...

On my way to work one day this week a turkey walked into the road. I stopped my car. She started across and all the little turkeys came out of the woods and followed her.

Jane and Chris said...

We watered the garden today and lots of butterflies came in to drink. It was lovely to see them.
Jane x

Elaine said...

I hope she and her babies found the supplies and some relief from the heat. We must bet together and arrange to share our weather - combine our lower temps and rainfall with your sunshine and heat.
The watermelon is exquisite.

The Owl Wood said...

Dear Ms Sparrow, I'm sure that what my sister meant to say was that we would like to share some of our (torrential) rainfall - but we quite like our lower temperatures and can only offer sympathy in that direction!

I wish animals could realise that all some folk want to do is help out - there should be some semi-secret symbol that you could chalk on your gatepost to signify "safety and shelter here"!

One of my favourite things to see (and it is a relatively rare sight) is a busy road patiently stopped while ducks or hedgehogs waddle across.

Elaine said...

Ahem, Owl! I'd quite like a small share of the heat too - as long as it comes with sunshine - and doesn't stay for too long.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I agree with Elaine and wish we could share the weather around. It's pouring down here at the moment and 56 degrees, although I much prefer that to your high temperatures!

The Sat Nav I mentioned in my post is a satellite navigation system in cars. The bag is for keeping it in if you don't want to leave it in the car all the time.

Ms Sparrow said...

Joanne: It seems like turkeys (dumb as they are) make very good mothers!

Jane & Chris: It is so rewarding to see wildlife being enriched by things we do. It must have been beautiful!

Elaine: I agree that we need to even-out our drastic weather to be fair to everybody! We have terrible flooding in Duluth and Florida while Texas is in a prolonged drought and Colorado and other western states are literally on fire! I keep wishing we could dump all that water on the horrible fires!

Owl: How I wish that there was a way to let wildlife know you have good intentions. I felt so guilty
that mama turkey left the shade to escape my efforts to help her.
I love to see cars giving right-of-way to ducks but I've never actually seen a hedgehog in my life.

Elaine: If only we could program the weather--but can you imagine the conflicts over who gets to decide!

Blue Mouse: Oh how I'd love a cool rainy day right now!
I think the Sat Nav is what we call a GPS (Global Position Satellite). Calling it a Sat Nav
makes a lot more sense!

Linda said...

I can't stand the heat at all. Dry heat perhaps, but humidity really affects me badly. I am trying to eat plenty of fruits and veggies and to drink lots of water. Take care of yourself and stay cool.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I'm sorry your birds are suffering in the high temperatures. Here they're suffering from too much rain and low temperatures!

Knatolee said...

That song just keeps going through my head: "It's too damn hot!" It was 97F here yesterday with humidex over 100F. I've had enough! We've all had enough!

Knatolee said...

PS Love the watermelon. Perhaps I should carve one up like that before serving it to my ducks and chickens! :)

Ms Sparrow said...

Linda: I'm glad you're dealing with the heat. I can't wait until the heat wave is over!

Crafty: It's a good thing that birds are so resilient. I suppose they can survive extreme weather but it pains me to see them suffering.

Knatolee: I thought of you and your watermelon-loving ducks when I posted the picture! Stay cool!

Moving with Mitchell said...

That watermelon is brilliant. I can't believe anyone can painstakingly create something so beautiful knowing it's only temporary. Wow!