Saturday, June 2, 2012

A little mood shifting

I hardly ever do Crossword puzzles anymore. Some years ago, I moved on to doing Cryptograms and now I'm addicted to them. If I can start the day by easily solving the daily Cryptogram that's emailed to me, I feel bright and upbeat. If I'm totally stumped by it however, I not only feel defeated but I question if I'm losing my faculties! I need to do more of them to assure myself that I've still "got it"!

I know folks who love to do Sudoku but I find it annoying. (I always say, I'm a words person, not a numbers person".)  Obviously, there are many more people doing Sudoku, Word Search and Crosswords than doing Cryptograms. I know this because books of puzzles are available for all kinds of them except Cryptograms.

In the evening, I do the cryptogram in the daily newspaper. So, I have two mental challenges each day.  I consider myself to be pretty good at solving them, but if I'm stymied twice in one day--I feel certain I'm on the road to Alzheimer's (or Halfs-heimers, as my brother calls it).

The Cryptogram in the paper that I did last night was extra tough--I had to have several assists to solve it. Now, the one this morning is driving me nuts too. If I don't find some solvable ones soon, it will surely  ruin my day!

I'll give it another go--wish me well...

C ' D   L K U   E   D Y D O Y J   K M   E L N   
K J I E L C K Y Q   S K R C U C B E R   S E J U N ,   
C ' D   E   Q Y D K B J E U ! 
-   X C R R   J K I Y J T 
(Here's a sample cryptogram, a quote by Will Rogers)


The Odd Essay said...

I think there's an error in the 7th letter of the 7th word... if you put a "Z" in there, I think you'll get the puzzle. I LOVED doing this cryptogram... where do you find them on the internet?

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

I used to love Cryptograms, too. I did them on the Star-Tribune site. I think some daily puzzles are more difficult than others so that a wide range of people will stay interested. With the daily Sudoku, they actually give it a difficulty rating of 1-5 stars. Don't let it spoil your day!!

Buttercup said...

I'm a crossword gal. I do the NY Times one pretty regularly and I especially like the Sunday one. I did sudoku for awhile, but I'm more of letter person than a numbers person.

Jenny said...

I am definitely one of the puzzled challenged people in the world.

I've tried this daily challenge...ummm...


It was wayyyy too much of a challenge for me.

I'm glad you found something you enjoy!

Ms Sparrow said...

Essay: I noticed the error too. I found it at:

Blissed: This morning's online crypto must have been a 10! It was, "Real worth requires no interpreter: its everyday deeds form its emblem. Nicolas Chamfort" I got parts of it but couldn't finish.

Buttercup: Wow, I never got good at the NY Times crosswords!

Anonymous said...

I love doing word puzzles. Did crypto for awhile and the "early-in-the-week" NYT puzzles. (I'm convinced they got harder as the week went on.) Now I'm into online Scrabble.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I've never been big on Cryptograms, but love Crosswords and do three a day online. I really miss my New York Times crossword (refuse to PAY to do it online). Like you, I am not a fan of Sudoku (Jerry loves it).

Moving with Mitchell said...

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Crafty Green Poet said...

I think Crosswords are my favourites! Like you I'm a word person rather than a numbers person!

Knatolee said...

I'm a cryptic crossword fan myself. It's all good for your brain!

Ms Sparrow said...

Jenny: The Will Rogers quote says: "I'm not a member of any organized political party, I'm a Democrat!"

Janet: I've never heard of online Scrabble. I'll have to check it out!

Mitch: You have to be really good to do the NY Times crosswords! But, I wouldn't pay either.

Crafty: It takes broad knowledge to be good at crosswords. I'm not surprised you're a fan!

Knatolee: I'm not familiar with cryptic crosswords. It sound very interesting and I'll going to check into them!

Linda Starr said...

This is all Greek to me. I think I'll stick with solving clay problems. Ha.

Linda said...

I love crossword puzzles! I do some cryptograms...usually the one letter word is either "a" or "I", unless it is an initial. I love the mixed crosswords and this includes cryptograms. Keep it up, I personally find them fun and keep my mind active. :)

Suzane Weck said...

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