Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The wonderful world of Peeps

I went on Google Images to pick up a few casual Peeps photos to use. I was bowled over by the amazing variety of stuff and the degree to which Peeps have permeated our society. They aren't just for eating anymore!

They are the subject of games, art and decor in dozens of ways. Among the posted photos are dioramas, posters, cakes and even a car covered in Peeps.

I really, really love Peeps. A dear friend who knew about my weakness once gave me a string of lighted plastic Peeps chicks for Easter. This past weekend, she took me to the Candyland shop in downtown St. Paul. To a candy lover like me, Candyland is Shangri la! The tiny shop (located right around the corner from the Children's Museum) is wall to wall old-fashioned glass display cases filled with candies of every kind. They even have the "burnt peanuts" and "Boston baked beans" my Dad always loved, plus one of those nostalgic lighted fresh nut displays like department stores used to have.

As I entered the always crowded little shop, I headed straight for the chocolates but my friend called me over to the corner production area. There, sitting behind the glass partition was a tray of chocolate-covered Peeps! Nirvana! She quickly asked an employee to bring some out. The multi-colored Peeps had been hand-dipped in milk chocolate up to their little necks, then individually wrapped in plastic bags. We each bought a bag of them. I also got two of the caramel-dipped marshmallows covered in chocolate and topped with a sour ball...they are to die for!

It's good that I don't get downtown very often because I would be drawn like a magnet to Candyland and indulge myself to death!


Lia said...

Sounds like chocolate/sugar heaven to me. But I'm not allowed either any more. Well I say I'm not allowed it, I am in very small doses which seems like a waste of time and a total tease so I'd rather not torment myself. It's easier on my brain to say that I am not allowed it for health reasons, I can get my head round that better.

I didn't know what a peeps was until you told me,they look yummie so eat an extra one for me.

much love

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Ze Peeps, to moi, are like eating a type of, how you say, "sugar-coated emery board." Madam, you may have my share, merci!But ze marshmallow and ze "sour ball" combination sound tres interesting! A SOUR BALL???!!!

Pearl said...

Peeps have developed a retro/kitsch following -- and you were in on the ground floor!


Kittie Howard said...

Which planet have I been on? Hadn't a clue Peeps were such a big deal. I tasted a yellow one once and didn't know what I was tasting except a lot of sugar. You can have my share, Ms Sparrow. Enjoy!!

Kathy said...

Oh that all sounds so good. I use to love trips to our candy store...now I don't go near them, but i do treat my self to a few squares of dark yummy chocolate every couple of days. Mmmmmmmmm.....candy!

Sparrow chic said...

You've taken me to Candyland, Oh MY GOODNESS !!! And Goodness is the word. I may need to go there again to try out the things I didn't try last time. Not a real Peeps person though. Although my son in law is just as nuttso about them as you are.

#1Nana said...

An Easter tradition in our family was to microwave peeps...they grow huge! Now my daughter carries on this silly tradition with my two grandchildren. I love peeps too.