Sunday, October 20, 2013

The glass is greener

Once I was talking with a nurse who was the wife of a Baptist minister. She had recently returned from a women's group trip to Russia. She told me that she had been raised in a church that forbid drinking alcohol but all her life she had the notion that if she ever tasted alcohol, she would love it.

She said that every place the group went on the tour, they were served alcoholic beverages. Out of curiosity, she finally decided to try it. So she sampled everything they were served and, she announced happily, "I hated all of it!"
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Personally, I don't like booze either. Back in my dating days, I tried beer and couldn't believe anyone actually liked it. I moved on to sweet "lady" drinks like a sloe gin fizz, Tom Collins or Bacardi cocktail. Nothing really struck my fancy. I much preferred soft drinks and they were cheaper. I also hated the feeling of being tipsy--the lack of control made me feel uneasy and vulnerable.

I came to realize that I didn't much like hanging out with drunk people either. At the risk of offending those who enjoy the light-hearted camaraderie of drinking with friends, it made me feel out-of-sorts. I hated having a conversation with a boozy-breathed, cloying, erstwhile "buddy" knowing that they probably didn't mean what they were saying and wouldn't even remember it the next day. Basically, I felt like I was being used and at the same time, I felt like an outsider.

After I was put on medications that restricted drinking alcohol, I had a valid excuse for declining whatever was being served. I figure that since I quit smoking in 1972 because of sore throats, I've probably saved a small fortune on booze and smokes. It may seem like those who like to drink and party have more fun, but I find going out to eat and a movie is more my speed.


Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

It's kinda sad that we sometimes have to explain why we aren't drinking, isn't it? I used to like the occasional cocktail, but for years now they mostly give me a headache, so "occasional" has become "exceedingly rare." I quit smoking about when you did and for the same reason.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I was a huge drinker in my younger days, binging all the time and hating myself more each day. Thankfully, I had to stop because of medication and, once I was able to start again, I never allowed myself to go back to my old ways. I do enjoy different kinds of alcoholic beverages, but I don't enjoy the buzz anymore. Now I have a drink here and there. I agree with you about being with people who drink... especially when you're not.

Linda Starr said...

Been years since I went to a movie but going out to eat I do occasionally.

Jane and Chris said...

I do like certain alcoholic drinks. One is enough...two if it's a special occasion,but I cannot abide tipsy,silly,aggressive,sentimental drinkers who really do not know their own limit.Like you,I am afraid of not being in complete control.
Jane x

Bob said...

I've never smoked a day in my life, but I do enjoy a nice glass of wine every so often.
But drunk people?
Oh honey no; too sloppy and obnoxious. I get all kinds of tsouris around drunks.

Joanne Noragon said...

I don't care for drinking for all the reasons you note. My body can tolerate the cigarette smoke of one smoker, but two and I leave.

Kittie Howard said...

Counter image to Louisiana, there's no pressure to drink. I usually drink water when I'm in the French Quarter. I enjoy a nice glass of wine during the holidays, but that's about it.

Okay, this is my third attempt to read those gotcha letters/numbers!