Sunday, October 13, 2013

Living vicariously

My three lovely daughters took a 5-day trip out to the state of Washington recently. They went to visit an uncle and aunt and cousins they haven't seen since the 70's. They visited Yakima and did the tourist thing in Seattle. As always, Brenda provided me with lots of good pictures.

A few months ago, I posted about chewing gum blobs all over the sidewalks. Several folks commented that there was a wall in Seattle covered with chewed gum. Well, here's Bren's photo at that very spot!

Here they are enjoying their lunch at the top of the Space Needle. Left to right-Brenda, Cindy and Paula.
This is the Fremont Troll, a big tourist attraction under a freeway bridge.
And, here is a shot out the window of the Lutsen Resort up near Duluth last weekend. Sue and I stayed at Bren's house and watched the family's five dogs while they were up there.


troutbirder said...

What fun they must have had. Lutsen reminded me it been too long since we did a northwoods fall trip. Look like it will have to wait too next year...:)

Jane and Chris said...

The chewing gum wall makes me feel quite queasy!
Jane x

Ian Hutson said...

The Timothy Leary mode of holiday travel! Splendid.

Ms Sparrow said...

Troutbirder: Yeah, the leaves are falling fast. The cliffs along the St Croix should be pretty, though.

Jane and Chris: I wonder if the "eewww" factor isn't part of the attraction!

Ian: Sadly, I can't even afford that!

Jan said...

Goodness - that troll is enormous! Jx

The Odd Essay said...

There's actually a geocache hidden among all the gum on that wall... when we were there last year I decided not to even look for it... YUK! Your daughters are quite attractive! What a great time they must have had spending time together. What fun!

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Fun photos, and the view at Lutsen is beautiful. Glad you posted these.

Susan said...

I'm feeling a little homesick after seeing your photos. I miss Washington, but do feel like North Carolina is where I'm suppose to be, XOXO

andiepants said...

Your daughters are beautiful! Looks like they had a wonderful visit. Love the pics, especially the Fremont Troll and the wall of bubblegum.


Ms Sparrow said...

Jan: I'm thinking it must be really scary for little kids. It probably keeps homeless camps from that location.

Odd Essay: My daughters are really very nice people and I'm so proud of them.

Blissed: Thankfully, we have plenty of trees in our area so we don't have to travel way up north to enjoy the fall colors!

Susan: That is one place I would really love to visit someday (just as soon as I win the lottery).

Andie: So, what are the tourist places to see in Reno?

Knatolee said...

What a nice trip! The gum wall is fascinating and icky all at the same time.

Willow said...

Look like the had a lot of fun ! Funny the chewing gum wall. That troll is pretty amazing, neat that he is actually under the bridge too :)