Saturday, February 20, 2010

Passing thoughts

This is such a pretty picture, I'm just posting it to share with you. (I think it might actually be a screensaver.) I've tried having aquariums several times in my life, but it can be time-consuming and bringing home three new fish, floating the bag for an hour and pouring in the acclimated fish to watch them fall dead to the bottom.

But enough about past problems...the water heater is failing, there's a big dent that still needs to be repaired in the car fender and now my computer is being contrary. I'm holding my breath on that one. My tax refund will never stretch that far.

So anyway, we went out shopping this afternoon at a consignment store called Turnstyle. They had lots of neat pictures and household goods as well as a clothing shop. But what caught my eye was a bumper sticker on a car outside the store. It said:

"Something wonderful is going to happen."

Even though I'm rather cynical by nature, I couldn't help but have my spirits lifted. But then I got to thinking, does that actually mean every person who saw it will have something wonderful happen? Or, is it that the bumper sticker definition of wonderful is geared toward a certain mindset? Or, is it that the wonderful thing is far in the future?

Oh well, it was great while it lasted!


Kathy said...

Ah.....something wonderful DID happen. You smiled and had your spirits lifted as does each person who sees the bumper sticker. :)

I love shops like that. So much fun to search for treasures.

I had fish when I was a kid and for a while when we were married. We did tropical. Would LOVE to do salt water, but that's way out of my budget!

Jenny said...

That is a great, intensely colored picture. Very happy for a grey day! I liked the bumper sticker. I am an eternal optimist...even when it makes me quite stupid.

Kittie Howard said...

What a coincidence! I just read that 2011 is going to be the year of the woman, something in astrology that I didn't really get...nevermind (not that I believe all that, but since this is good, I will)...and the stars are lining up now for good things to happen!

Nancy/BLissed-Out Grandma said...

I agree with Kathy...the bumper sticker lifted your spirits. Just let yourself believe it! I do love the photo...I'd rather have a fish screensaver than a fish tank, I think. Cheers!

Teresa Evangeline said...

I've always loved aquariums. Great colors! I see messages in bumper stickers and elsewhere, always worth paying attention to.

Buttercup said...

You telling me about the bumper sticker lifted my spirits as did the fish! I've never had good luck with fish, either. I was looking around the Salvation Army yesterday and did see some very pretty glasses. I am always sure there's a great treasure in every corner. I think I've been watching too much "Antique Roadshow."

Sparrow chic said...

Something wonderful did happen, you !!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

My husband gave me an aquarium for a wedding anniversary. I could have crowned him. Some of the fish are now 8 years old, so I guess it's working okay...I battle with the snails constantly.

That bumper sticker -- I don't know about it. Sure, something wonderful will happen -- to someone ELSE, my cynical little heart would think if I saw it!!!

Lia said...

We have caravans over here, like a camper but you hook it up to your car and tow it and my favourite bumper sticker reads


We have fish in a huge tank, they are hypnotic to watch, but we only have gold fish type fish. Easy to keep

Much love

gayle said...

I think watching fish swim is very peaceful!!

Pearl said...

1. LOVE Turnstyle. I get quite a bit of my wardrobe there!

2. Something wonderful is always about to happen. It's just the ability to recognize it that determines if it's wonderful or not!