Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tilting at windmills

I have just concluded my 25th year of boycotting Kemp's Dairy products. My son teases me occasionally about how the boycott is going. The truth is that Kemps has yet to notice, but I persevere.

My personal crusade began when I moved to St Paul back in 1983. I was annoyed that Kemps seemed to have cornered the market on dairy everywhere I went. It became obvious they were the "big guys" and were cutting deals with grocery store chains to force out the "little guys".

This offended my sense of fair play and so I retaliated--no Kemps for me! If I shopped at a store that only carried Kemps, I would stop at a convenience store to buy Schroeders or Dairy Fresh milk. Happily, Cub Foods carries Land O Lakes products so I seldom have to do that anymore.
But, I have to wonder what this says about me. That I'm stubborn? Strong-willed? Egalitarian?
Set in my ways? Quixotic?

Something else to brood about!

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