Saturday, October 1, 2011

Did you ever feel this way?

I first saw this picture some years ago and it brought tears to my eyes. It still saddens me, not only because of the cruelty, but because I identify with the situation of being so helpless. I'm on a fixed income--apparently permanently fixed since there hasn't been a COLA raise for several years. Nevertheless, every single one of my bills has increased.

I keep trying to look at the bright side, but I can't find it.

Anybody know where it is?

..... Anybody?


Teresa Evangeline said...

I think everyone's feeling terribly pinched by rising costs of groceries and such. It's tough. I'm starting to really notice the changes myself. Hang in there. Find joy in the simple things.

That poor thing. I can see why it made you sad..... :(

Anonymous said...

I got a copy, years ago, of this photograph from the man who took it. His father owned several large corporations and the son was head of the one in India and took this photograph. He never did anything with it or about it so it has appeared everywhere for years.

The costs of goods and services have increased. Those at the top were or have been making huge profits but as basic costs increase they want to make more to stay ahead of the curve. They get more by taking more from the poor and middle classes. You are where most people are. Not better. Not worse. Just hanging in there somewhere less than even.

Kittie Howard said...

I smiled from ear to ear when I saw you on the screen. I've really missed you, Ms Sparrow, and have often wondered how you're doing. I remembered when you blogged about not renewing your passport because of the cost - my heart aches for you just thinking about it - I really, really wish I had an answer for you, except maybe to focus on the little joys but that's easier said than done - I'm hoping the demos on Wall Street and beyond will help push an end to the greed that has swept our country. You shouldn't have to count beans to make soup. NO, you shouldn't! Lots of hugs!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Times are definitely tough and I'm sorry you're feeling so squeezed. I wish I knew the answers.

As for that poor horse-- That is not cool.

Hang in there. jj

Jenny said...

Although your picture is funny I want to answer what you asked seriously.

The only way I can find my way out of the darkness is by doing things for others. Sounds cheesy, I know. I do a lot of volunteer work, write a lot of cards, etc. I always do these things when I feel myself turning into my misery. And it almost always helps.

Sometimes when the negatives are really, really piling up I make myself write a 'blessings' list each morning. I'll be honest in telling you that they are often pathetic...sometimes there's nothing more than 'Good coffee, stocked up on TP' but they help get my mind in a different place.

Sending you a hug and the hope that you find sunshine in your heart again soon.

Anonymous said...

My husband is retired and I don't make much money, we struggle too. We help our only child and she is a college graduate and work is hard and not too even in her life. I volunteer and help many who have no food, never thought hunger would be so much for small children and adults to work many hours but it is makes me feel great..doing for others not thinking of our struggles, helps to take the onus off of us..just saying.....