Sunday, November 7, 2010

Anyway, the weather was nice

The migrating robins are still passing through from the far northern regions. The berries and crabapples are all gone from the trees, and all the insects are dead so the latecomers will have to subsist on other foods. We've had several hard frosts and all the outdoor plants are dead, as well. 

With the time change over the weekend, the kitties are still demanding to be fed at the time their biological clock goes off, so I got up ridiculously early today. I had the Sunday paper all read before the CBS Sunday Morning show was even over.

We are in the midst of changing two rooms around which necessitated taking all the books out of the bookcases. It's overwhelming to decide which to keep and which to get rid of. I worry about donating them to Goodwill because once when I took some old paperbacks there, one of the guys unloading them told the other guy, "These will just go right in the trash". If the books aren't useful, I would hope they'd certainly recycle them!

So, where do they recycle books?


^..^Corgidogmama said...

I would think that nursing homes, shelters, soup kitchens, libraries for book sales could always use used books in good non-smelly condition. We, at our library, have 3-4 book sales a year and are always taking in used books. What ever don't sell are given free to the public afterwards, and the boxes always empty!

Linda Starr said...

Libraries, hospitals, nursing homes, and yard sales, I just sold a bunch. Love your thanksgiving photos on the right side of your blog.

Pearl said...


Cheryl Kohan said...

Well, if that's what Goodwill does with them, I will not give them any more books! I agree that nursing homes and libraries are a good idea. Also, what about Ronald McDonald house? They house families of critically ill children and I'll bet they'd accept book donations.

MimiRock said...

Dear Sweet Ms Sparrow, I have been so neglectful of my blogs but I'm slowly getting back into it. However, I noticed that Blogspot had done some re-arranging and additions so I clicked on "Comments." There I found comments from you that go way back before Rocky died, and I was unaware of them until this morning's wee hours. I read every one of them thoroughly and it brought tears to my heart and eyes to feel your caring over the miles. I'm ashamed that I didn't respond to them; even so, you just kept on reaching out to me. I thank you so much for your every word and wish. I'll be reading comments now more diligently. Thank you over and over. Mimi