Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just in case you've been wondering:
(Yes, I am a Ms. Piggy fan!)

I called the Census Bureau and had them send me a form. It's going out in today's mail.

I finally found the lost pictures of my three great-granddaughters that I put away before Christmas. They were in a dresser drawer hidden under gift wrap and stuff. I felt like a dork for not finding them in such an obvious place, not to mention all the time I wasted looking!

I haven't gotten any more strange comments from Anonymous.

My computer continues to be balky. A computer-savvy friend suggested that I switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox for better service. I'm in the throes of getting that done. It's really tough for computer-putzes like me!

My car still has the big dent, but a friend was able to get the passenger-side door to open almost all the way, so things are good.

My shoulder is still sore off and on, but the cortisone shots have helped. The orthopedist now has me going to Physical Therapy to strengthen that shoulder. I will see my other orthopedist for the sciatica on Thursday and find out where my spine "stands".

As I read back through my old posts, I realize that I complain waaay too much. I will try to do better--if only for my own sake!


^..^Corgidogmama said...

You're not complaining, you're just sharing your life! That's what we all do!
We tried Mozilla, and it didn't work well with Blogger...for us.
Lots of people like it though. We switched back to IE.
Isn't it funny how we find lost things and they always seem to be put in such an easy place to remember(we thought at the time, anyway!) Life is just so strange sometimes. Hang in there, and try to enjoy these lovely springtime days as they occur...maybe later in your northern sphere though!

BLissed-Out Grandma said...

I love your followups. Good for you, calling about your census form!

I hope Firefox works for you; it's pretty slick unless it clashes with something else on your computer.

I haven't been getting any spam lately, and I don't notice much of it on other people's blogs, either. Maybe the Blogger filters are working better.

Cheryl Kohan said...

I do like Firefox which I switched to not long ago. I kind of switch between the two depending on what I'm working on.

Glad you found the photos and sorry you're still achey. Glad you're standing up and being counted, too!

Just keep on keeping us up to date...we all like it!

Jenny said...

Ummm....excuse me. Where is the picture? We want to see it, too.

You sound like you've been mighty productive lately.

I might need a nap, though. You've been waaaayyyy too busy!

Happy Tuesday!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Howdy Ms. Sparrow, I use Mozilla FF 99.999% of the time, reserving IE just for certain downloads. There are some nice "hacks" that even a computer putz can install that will make FF behave pretty nicely.

Pearl said...

ABSOLUTELY. The switch from IE to Firefox made a huge difference for me.

Hi, Janice!



Kathy said...

I like to know you are doing....it's not complaining...it's informing. :)

I use Firefox....lots faster than Internet Explorer. Very easy to download. You'll love it.

PT is so good for you. I'm going right now for my osteopenia. I love it!

Jen said...

I vent a lot on my blog, too. It's very therapeutic.

Barbara Blundell said...

'A trouble shared is a trouble halved' so they say !

Kittie Howard said...

I really enjoyed the updates (for I had wondered how things had turned out) and am happy that there are so many happy endings. I've never thought of you as complaining. Life is life; things happen. And this is Blogville where we share a bit. And you have a lovely writing style that keeps us interested in things that happen. Don't feel like a computer doltz. I didn't know IE and MF were interchangable! Gonna have to check this out.