Friday, November 21, 2008


No kidding! "Meh" has just been added to an English dictionary. According to the sources, the word grew in popularity after a Simpson's episode back in 2001. Homer suggests a day trip to Bart and Lisa as they're watching TV. They just respond, "Meh", and keep watching. The word hopped over to England where it has been embraced by language experts.

So here it is, the word we've been waiting for, the perfect response to those annoying, half-
hearted questions there's no all-purpose answer to. Just look how quick and easy this is when you're on the fly:

"How do you like the new TV season?" ...Meh

"How's it going?" ...Meh

"How'd your garden do this year?"...Meh

This word really fills a gap in our vernacular. Up until now, we have been restricted to only polite and positive comebacks like "OK" or "Fine". Now, we have a negative option when we want to be more honest. We can just say "Meh". I, for one, love it!

MEH: Interjection, expression of indifference or boredom.

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