Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

Water is my favorite beverage of all!


Buttercup said...

He's a cute little guy with a great message.

The Owl Wood said...

Nothing beats H2O when you really need a drink.

Had an eighty+ year old neighbour once (Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides) who used to run his croft and get over fences by putting one hand on a post upright and jumping - he swore that his secret was drinking a pint of hot water every morning!

Ms Sparrow said...

Buttercup: I'm very fond of the little buggers. Currently I'm feeding some gray squirrels, brown squirrels, an albino and a little red squirrel who gives meaning to the expression "squirrely".

Owl: I googled Isle of Lewis to learn more about leaping octogenarians

Ms Sparrow said...

Owl, cont: I was shocked to learn that there are islands for another hundred miles north of Scotland. It looks like a cold place year 'round so no doubt, the residents are better preserved. Even if I were in the Outer Hebrides, I fear my leaping days are over!