Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Monday

In my bid to become more friendly to the environment, I stocked up on 100% recyled toilet paper over the weekend. (They cut down old growth forests to make the softer plush toilet tissues.)

Let me rephrase--I bought tissue that was produced entirely from recycled paper. Since I get a daily newspaper, I recyle a whopping lot of paper. I'm only too pleased to reuse it in another form. Sadly, it's still hard to find, but Scott Tissue, Seventh Generation and White Cloud are brands found in Minnesota.

I wanted to point out that all those plastic bottles of Canada Dry lime sparkling water I drain are recycled. I'm told they are turned into sturdy, maintenance-free outdoor furniture and fencing.

I'm also a designated Donor on my driver's license. I might have been tempted to donate my entire body to the UM Medical School, but a friend who did said they don't want obese bodies. This makes sense since med students don't need the aggravation of learning anatomy on atypical cadavers.

Monday is garbage day in my neighborhood. I have managed to reduced the amount of stuff going to the landfill over the years. I recycle most cans (except cat food cans. I got a bad cut trying to wash one.)
Anyway, I'm pretty boring today. But I'm up to 74 posts!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

We don't do too much recycling around here, mainly those plastic bags, aluminum cans, and paper/cardboard.

Strangely enough, I think we actually recycled more when I was a child. Clothes were saved for the rag man, papers for the paper drives, tires turned into planters (HOW TACKY!), things were canned and the Mason jars reused, we got our chips in bit tins that were traded in each week (empty left outside, full left in its place), and so forth...that's before packaging seemed to get out of hand...

Bevie said...

"This makes sense since med students don't need the aggravation of learning anatomy on atypical cadavers."

Since when is being overweight in THIS country atypical? I've been to the mall. There aren't that many thin people around. (no pun intended)

We recycle, and have for years. As to the newspaper, that's all I've felt the Star-Tribune is worth for anyway. They called me once to find out if I wanted a subscription. Told them I didn't fish.

Hope you don't hate for not liking the Tribune.

Some things used to be cheaper to recycle. Remember milk bottles and pop bottles? Now it's plastic and aluminum cans.

Ms Sparrow said...

Ms.Penniwig-you're right about less need to recycle in years. I remember back in the fifties, my folks could buy bulk crackers and cookies out of the case and everything was sold in biodegradeable paper bags.

Bevie-I've been reading the Strib since I was a kid. It has been a
constant through my whole life no matter where I lived in Minnesota. People ask me how come I don't get the St Paul Pioneer Press since I live in St Paul. It's because that paper just seems so foreign to me.
Long live the Strib!

Bevie said...

They keep saying only one of the two papers is going to survive.

Right now I'm not reading either. But on this side of the metro area it's hard to find a Pioneer Press.