Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Smiling while I stew

I spent most of yesterday trying to get my aging Dell computer to behave itself. I bought it back in 2005 used and reconditioned from a computer store so I don't know how old it really is. But, it's acting like a crabby old lady--stubborn and slow.

I was trying to catch up with everyone else's blogs but the Dell would lock up. I plugged along working through several reboots and long time lags waiting for sites to open. Because of this, I never had time to post anything yesterday. It's becoming so time-consuming that I'm thinking maybe I will stop checking everyone's blogs everyday. Sadly, I'm at the point of having to choose between my getting my computer repaired, the water heater fixed or the big dent blocking the passenger side door on the car.

I recently noticed that the labels on my recent posts are "Rambling or Brooding" etc. It seems I really need an attitude adjustment. I do have happy things going on in my life, such as:

I just got a Facebook message from my 19-year-old granddaughter that she's getting all A's in her classes in Veterinary Technology. She is a dear, sweet girl but has always struggled in school. Her older sister and younger brother both did well in sports, academics and piano, but she didn't do well in any of those fields.

However, she's had a strong affinity for animals since she was little girl. She wanted to be a vet tech so bad that she volunteered for a year at a vet's clinic. The only problem with being a vet tech is that it doesn't pay very well and the program at Argosy is quite expensive. She struggled through a year of Community College until her parents figured out a plan to pay for school while her older sister is at St. Cate's University.

Now she is on top of the world! And that makes me feel really, really good!


Lia said...

Ahh, it's nice when young people do well and find their thing in life.

I think someone once said something along the lines of "find your passion in life and then get a job doing it, That way going to work no longer becomes a chore or a job, but rather a great way to spend your life."

Don't worry if you can't comment on others pages due to computer.
I will still pop by and visit you.

Much love

BLissed-Out Grandma said...

Hooray, good for her! Sorry about your computer. Did you know that a lot of Dell computers picked up a virus on the Mpls Star Tribune site yesterday? But I think it didn't just make them slow, it made them load up site after site and get overloaded. I have had some luck after clearing old temporary files and defragging, but I could never tell you how I did it 'cuz I don't recall any more!

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Bad news about your Dell, but good news about your granddaughter. I would not worry too much about the low pay of vet techs. They are very poorly paid here, too -- EXCEPT by our "shining star" vets -- two pairs of vets who really treat their people right and pay them living wages. They each employ about 12 people, and these folks stay with the vets a long, long time. I bet there are some great vets in the area who pay better than usual. Now, just to find them.

Kathy said...

Sorry about the computer issues. I understand completely. My new computer should be arriving Friday because my old Dell died. :(

Congrats to your granddaughter. That is so wonderful!

CherylK said...

I'm really sorry about your computer, too. Don't worry about visiting everyone...that's not a big deal to me, for sure. BUT, I did want to say that your granddaughter sounds exactly like mine! She's not really great at school but she's passionate about animals, especially her horse and would make a terrific vet tech. Take care.

Kittie Howard said...

Soooo nice about your granddaughter. Happy she found her niche! Ms Sparrow, when was the last time you defragged your computer and cleaned out old files?? It's easy to do: Open accessories, go to systems, go to defrag and click open. Sounds like the computer just needs a house cleaning.

Anonymous said...

I hope she makes it as we need more vets and people to work in animal care.

Your old computer can be replaced, these days with a brand new one at WalMart or some similar place for less than $350.00. Which is probably less than you once paid for the old Dell.

Ms Sparrow said...

Thanks for the helpful advice, folks. I have de-fragged and run Spy Bot and cleaned out temporary files, etc. Nothing seems to help!

When I get my taxes done, I'll have to see what I can afford, but thanks for the tip on prices, Abe!

Buttercup said...

So nice to hear that your granddaughter is doing well in school. The computer thing sounds so frustrating. Will keep my fingers crossed that your tax refund makes a new computer possible.

Barbara Blundell said...

Congrats to your granddaughter!
I would settle to have the Dell fixed. After all washing in cold water is said to be good for the soul and if the car still goes why botherwith a bit of a dent ! A computerless life--unthinkable !