Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coffee House

I don't often frequent coffee houses, mainly because I'm too cheap to pay $2 to $3 for a cup of coffee. I don't care for sweetened hot drinks (like hot chocolate or apple cider etc.) and that goes double for coffee. I tell myself I'm a purist because I don't like anything degrading the coffee flavor.

In spite of this, I was at a coffee house last night drinking a $2 cup of de-caff. My friend S was reading from her recently published book, Ssylka about a Russian woman who follows her exiled husband when he's sent to Siberia. Eight people turned out for the event even though it was bitchin' cold (as we say in Minnesota). It was cozy and warm inside, however, and it was nice to be together with a group like that.

M and S met afterward and found they had many things in common. Except for one big thing--M still has PTSD from living through the WWII bombing of London. (When the local weather warning sirens are tested on the first Wednesday of every month, M has a moment of panic.) S says she remembers the hardships after the war more vividly than the actual war. Both women have written memoirs about those years and are looking forward to getting together to talk about it.

I was living in California during the war years when my dad worked at the Lockheed Aircraft plant. Even so, I have an affinity for those who endured the terror of nightly bombings--of being a little girl in a world where strange men in airplanes are trying to kill you. How do you fathom such insanity!?


Sparrow chic said...

It's hard to imagine the horrors of war through the eyes of a child.
I'm so glad the get together between the two remarkable ladies was so warm and inspiring. Sounds like more meetings could be in the works.

Kathy said...

I can't even imagine what they went through. What a terrible way to grow up! How awesome that they were able to meet. I hope they stay in touch...I would think they could fined comfort in one another.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

This was such an interesting post. I was just telling someone in past week or two about my Dad being in London during the buzz bombs...and going down in the subway tunnels. Horrifying...even worse for a child. Lifetime nightmares. I can't stand sweetened coffee either, just hand over the 1/2 and 1/2 and I'm content!