Saturday, May 9, 2009

Birthday cake

I got busy running errands and almost forgot to post today. I am going to make a Tres Leches cake for the first time and had to get the stuff. I'm cheating by using a yellow cake mix and then swamping it with evaporated milk, condensed milk and whipping cream. It seems like it would get awfully soggy but I'll find out tomorrow when we go to cut it.

It's my granddaughter Samantha's 19th birthday tomorrow and it always works out so celebrate on Mother's Day. She doesn't have a favorite cake so I thought I'd try the "Three Milk" cake.

My favorite birthday cake has been the same since I was a kid. It's white cake with lemon pudding filling and fluffy icing. It is sheer heaven! A lot of people don't seem to have a favorite cake which is kinda sad.

I like to experiment with different kinds of cakes for people's birthdays. Several years ago, I made a Lady Baltimore cake for my son's birthday. It was very good. However, the following year I made him a birthday cake and put too much dry Kool Aid in it for flavoring and it was awful! I still owe him for that one.

Another year, I made a chocolate ganache cake for my housemate. It was extraordinarily rich and gooey. Everybody loved it. But, it was a lot of work and I only made it once.

So, what is your favorite birthday cake? I'd really like to know.


Sparrow chic said...

It sounds like the rhubarb custard cake I make. If thats so, you are in for a treat. YUM !

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

The Tres Leches cake IS very wet! It is good very chilled on a hot day! We eat it a lot out here.

I don't think I have a favorite cake, because I am a cake fanatic. ALWAYS thinking of CAKE!!!

Hope yer Mother's Day and GD Samantha's birthday are fun!!!

Bevie said...

Not many people make cakes from scratch any more, it seems. Mostly cake is made from box mixes purchased at the grocery store. Those aren't bad, but they don't seem to compare with the cakes I remember eating when I was young.

I have no idea what any of them were called. I do recall a chocolate cake, very moist, yet somehow flaky. My aunt used to make me poppyseed cake. That was good. And there was this lemon cake, too.

I haven't made a real cake myself since I was a teenager.